"Oreo Cows of Dixon"
Batik by Crystal Kingston



With over 20 years of experience, we guarantee your satisfaction. Using only the finest papers and canvas, our quality will please everyone who has ordered giclées from other print shops. A set up fee is waived when preparation can be completed within 15 minutes. Additional color corrections or adjustments are billed at $20 an hour.

Giclée prints are charged by the square inch. Multiply the width by the height to give you the number of square inches. Multiply that number by:

.08 for premium paper
.11 for ultra premium paper
.13 for canvas

Remember to add the border if you're ordering a gallery wrap.

Gallery Wraps


Canvas prints can be stretched on bars making it ready to hang, so no expense for framing is incurred. The canvas wraps around the edge of the stretcher and is attached at the back, so the print surface is extended to accommodate the wrap. The edge can be a solid color, a mirrored image, or a custom border created in Photoshop.

All of our stretcher bars are professionally built in-house from scratch, so you can customize the depth. Depending on the overall dimensions of your piece you may choose a heavier thickness. The larger the print, the thicker the stretcher should be. We recommend a thickness of no less than 1 1/2" or more for larger prints. Thicker stretchers add to the dimension and richness of the piece, affecting the aesthetic quality. Ask for a quote. Very large prints may require a crossbar or additonal bracing.

To learn more, here's an article on stretching canvas prints: Breathing Color.


We can make prints up to 44" wide with no limit on length. For prints longer than 72", please ask for a quote.

Wholesale Print Prices

  Premium Paper Ultra Premium Paper Canvas Gallery Wrap 1.5"
8x10 $6.50 $9 $12 $48
11x14 $12.50 $17 $20 $67
13x19 $20 $28 $35 $92
16x20 $25.50 $35 $42 $96
17x22 $30 $42 $50 $108
18x24 $35.50 $48 $56 $114
20x24 $38.50 $53 $63 $138
20x30 $48 $66 $80 $162
24x30 $57.50 $79 $94 $180
24x36 $69 $95 $114 $198
30x40 $96 $132 $156 $246
36x48 $138 $190 $225 $330
38x50 $152 $209 $247 $366
42x64 $215 $296 2350 $462
44x72 $254 $349 $412 $522
44x72+ Call Call Call Call

Various methods are used to calculate the retail price. Embellishing (reworking) a canvas may increase its value, as well as signing, dating or numbering. Here's an interesting article on the pricing of giclées.

We stock a variety of papers in 17" x 22" and smaller, including a nice textured Canson aquarelle. Textured papers and canvas can be embellished with pastels or other media.

We occasionally get a great deal and can offer a special price on certain media. We currently have a German handmade textured watercolor paper at 25" x 38" with a deckled edge.