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Visual Communication — Lessons Learned

For our final visual communication assignment, Lynn-Wood has asked us to make a short piece describing what we learned this semester in her Directing class. As always, my mind began to swirl!
Oh, to have wings…

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The Evolution of Film Technology

It all started with a bet in 1878. Eadweard Muybridge realized you could string a series of still photographs together and make them appear to move. Muybridge’s first film was of a horse galloping, but he also made an early film about buffaloes. This is a piece I made in homage to Muybridge, from footage I took at a friend’s ranch.

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A Tangent or Related? Film Industry vs Entertainment Industry

Ever notice how the specific choice of words you enter for a search can influence a course of study? Google kindly provides hints while you’re typing a term in the search bar, allowing you to change your direction midstream. You might wind up in a place you never imagined. This week’s assignment for my directing class — tech advances in film — seemed pretty straightforward at first glance. Continue reading

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