Making Paper


making paper

elephant print on cattail paper

This is the male elephant I made for the Thunderbird animation, adjusted in Photoshop with some images I took in Seattle this past week. We visited the Botanical Gardens, which were beautiful.

(I’ll have to make a post about Bella, our rescue Doberman. She used to be a wussy Washington dog, but not anymore! She’s a Montanan now. So happy she’s with us.)


This process of wildcrafting cattails and making paper from scratch is more involved that I realized… but it has its rewards along the way!


Cattail patch, with my favorite Russian olive tree.

Trumpeter Swans
Trumpeter swan pair. Seeing them was the highlight of the boat ride. All the birds were out in force, and I got great audio too. When I download it, I’ll put some here.

More info about papermaking to come.

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