Buffalo Bird Woman’s Garden — Book Review

buffalo bird woman
A book review for my Cultural Anthropology class.

Wilson, Gilbert L. Buffalo Bird Woman’s Garden. Minneapolis: Minnesota Historical Society Press, 1987.

Buffalo Bird Woman’s Garden is a ethnobotanical monograph written by Gilbert L. Wilson, which documents traditional agricultural techniques practiced by the Hidatsa Tribe of North Dakota, as seen through the eyes of Maxi’diwiac, or Buffalo Bird Woman. Originally published in 1917 as Wilson’s doctoral dissertation Continue reading

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Scoring a Film — Berlin: Symphony of a Great City, 1927

What a trip this experience has been! It really started several years ago when I took a music composition class. That’s when I first learned how to use the software app, Logic, and began to sense the potential for scoring right at my very fingertips (and in my ears!). The sound class this term with Dale Sherrard was fabulous, and picked up where the music comp class had left off.

Score for Berlin: Symphony of a Great City from Crystal Kingston on Vimeo.

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Visual Communication — Lessons Learned

For our final visual communication assignment, Lynn-Wood has asked us to make a short piece describing what we learned this semester in her Directing class. As always, my mind began to swirl!
Oh, to have wings…

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Visual Communication: Pain (Cleo Film)

My Facebook friends know I’ve been working on this film for several weeks, and it’s finally done! There’s something satisfying about posting it online, like it makes it official. It’s a short film assignment for Directing class; topic — Pain.

Cleopatra (For Cleo) from Crystal Kingston on Vimeo.

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Typography Assignment

La Parade, Typography

Sunday in the Park, Typography

Sunday in the Park, Typography

As long as I have this blog going, I might as well post some of my work from other classes. This assignment is for my Digital Image class, using typography. I made two similar versions, and I can’t decide which one I like best. How ’bout you? Click the image to get a larger version. Can you read the type?

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The Evolution of Film Technology

It all started with a bet in 1878. Eadweard Muybridge realized you could string a series of still photographs together and make them appear to move. Muybridge’s first film was of a horse galloping, but he also made an early film about buffaloes. This is a piece I made in homage to Muybridge, from footage I took at a friend’s ranch.
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A Tangent or Related? Film Industry vs Entertainment Industry

Ever notice how the specific choice of words you enter for a search can influence a course of study? Google kindly provides hints while you’re typing a term in the search bar, allowing you to change your direction midstream. You might wind up in a place you never imagined. This week’s assignment for my directing class — tech advances in film — seemed pretty straightforward at first glance. Continue reading

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About Megan Griffiths — Director

In my last post, I wrote about my discovery of Megan Griffiths, an up-and-coming director in the Seattle film scene. As we all know, you aren’t really a serious filmmaker unless you have an IMDb page(!), so here’s hers: http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0341722/

She has five titles for Director:
2012/I Eden
2011 The Off Hours
2009 Eros (short)
2008 Moving (short)
2003 First Aid for Choking
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Great Directors (and how I chose who to research)

For my Directing class this week, we were asked to pick one director and make a blog entry about them. I started by watching a film about directors. I have Netflix Instant Watch, and had a movie in my queue called Great Directors, a documentary by a woman! Not just a woman but a European woman, who I imagined would have a broader view of the directors in the world. As great as American movies are, I love European films for the stories they portray. They don’t have the huge budgets we do, so they focus more on story. There’s not the emphasis on special effects (the gee-whiz factor, I call it), glitz, or famous actors.

Great Directors (2009)
Documentary by Angela Ismailos
On Netflix Instant Watch

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Must see this artist at work!

Just for the sheer joy of it!

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