School Almost Done!

I’m studying for my last two tests, and will soon put school behind me. Then I can get back to work on the apartment. We worked on it all winter, and made some progress.inside-apt-paintedWPS-w-aptapt-from-back-yard

I stopped work to study for finals, so I’m excited to resume where I left off.

I’ve recently put an ad on Craigslist to sell the building, and here’s a link to a page I made. If we could stay in the apartment in exchange for a big chunk off the price, our living expenses would be manageable enough to make art full time. Ahh, wouldn’t that be lovely? I’d travel some and make documentaries, as well as paint. It would also be a dream realized to help someone open a business. Wish us luck!

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Artist-owned giclee print shop and art gallery in NW Montana, on the Flathead River near the National Bison Range. Free delivery to Missoula. Crystal is just a few assignments away from completing her BA in Media Arts at the UofM Missoula.
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